Meet The Team At Grow Good

Tim Jones – Founder, CEO and B Consultant

Tim is New Zealand’s 1st qualified B Consultant having successfully completed the training programme run by B Lab ANZ. To date he has helped more than 50 companies from around the world successfully navigate the B Corp Impact Assessment, and is working with new businesses every month to take them through the process.

As well as guiding clients to gain their B Corp certification, he delivers inspirational, motivational, memorable and impactful consulting, training and coaching to individuals and organisations. He helps them achieve meaningful goals in life and work, by tapping into the potential of their purpose fuelled performance.

He also holds a Certificate in Impact Measurement and Management for the SDGs from Duke University and is Industry Expert and co-teacher of the University of Canterbury MBA Programme “Creating Impact Led Enterprises”.

B Corporation Consultant NZ

Jess Cox – Head of Community

Jess is the glue in the B Better Community as well as being responsible for making sure our clients are looked after on their journey to B Corp Certification.

She was recently accepted into the ’22 B Lab ANZ B Consultants training and will soon be fully qualified to help clients navigate the B Corp Impact Assessment.

She also holds a Certificate in Impact Measurement and Management for the SDGs from Duke University.

Beth Reilly – Advisor North America

Beth heads up Grow Good’s North American business.

She is a successful business executive with a tenure of more than 18 years in B2B fintech, healthcare, non-profit and business advisory. She has managed global sales and marketing teams in Fortune 500 companies, as well as being an entrepreneur and small business owner.

Beth has a reputation as a relentless pursuer of excellence and is an expert connector, presenter, and negotiator. She has served on multiple non-profit boards and is an active fundraiser for causes she cares about. Her enthusiasm and commitment to impacting the business community to do more good is in her DNA.

She also holds a Certificate in Impact Measurement and Management for the SDGs from Duke University as well as a Certificate in DE&I advisory from the University of South Florida.

Alice W. Mwangi Cheche – Executive Assistant

Alice is our administration and support expert. She supports the team on a day to day basis across a range of activities.

She has a good understanding of the B Corp Impact Assessment, having helped with the evidence and documentation gathering for companies undergoing the Certification.

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