What a way to celebrate my birthday! 3rd time’s a charm? The threepeat?!

I am fairly stoked to announce that Grow Good just re-certified as a B Corp making us a 3x B and only the 5th to do so in NZ.

I first came across B Corp waaaaaaaay back in 2014 when I stumbled across Eagle Protect NZ, the first B Corp in NZ.

Walking out of a meeting with Steve Ardagh, their founder and CEO, I was convinced that B Corp was the way forward for business.

Fast forward to 2016 and Grow Good Certified as B Corp #6.

Since then we have been leading what at times has felt like a lonely charge for businesses to make the change and get on the B Corp journey.

A massive thanks to those early adopters that were part of building the movement here and around the world and who were an inspiration to us.

And a super huge thanks to all our clients that we have helped and those we are working with on the journey to B Corp & Beyond!

Looking forward to the 4th time round in ’25 where we will be bigger and better and more impactful than ever before…

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