Peak Performance

Supercharge your teams performance with our two peak performance programmes

Our Programmes

1. Emotional Culture Deck: Emotions drive behaviours that drive culture.

Helping your team bring the best of themselves every day.​​ The Emotional Culture Deck is a simple yet powerful and flexible tool for creating face-to-face conversations about culture and leadership within any organisation or team. It will help you drive bottom-up change in your workplace.

Only the Emotional Culture Deck is simple enough to get up and running in minutes, yet powerful and flexible enough to drive lasting organisational change.

The Emotional Culture Deck is a uniquely powerful way to create human conversations about what really matters in the workplace. The game facilitates face-to-face human conversations about what matters. It nudges vulnerability. Builds empathy. Creates connections and fosters trust within teams. It’s the ultimate card game toolkit for more successful teams and workplaces.

The Emotional Culture Deck can be used as a standalone tool or it can be combined with other content for a full day of epicness.

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2. Peak Mental Performance: How you ​show up all starts in the mind.​

Because the mind is everything – what you think you become. This session is a perfect introductory session for teams looking to connect to purpose or increase their sales. Indeed it’s just a great session that provides a load of bite-sized tips, tricks and tools for you and your team to bring their best in life and work.

After our time together you will:

  • Get to know how the brain works
  • Understand what specific limiting beliefs you have and how they influence your behaviour
  • Understand what contributes to a positive mindset
  • Work out what contributes to you being the best version of you
  • Have created rituals to create and maintain a state of peak mental performance on demand

Available as a 90 minute or half-day option and can be delivered in person and/or live online depending on your requirements. Online delivery available worldwide – how epic is that!

You’ll also get a really snazzy workbook to collect your thoughts and to act as a resource to keep returning to.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“I learned so much about things I’ve never thought about before, which has made me want to become a better person and actually “achieve” something I can be proud of in my life – a purpose to why I want to do things!”

“Tim was the key catalyst in my purpose journey and would be for anyone looking to seriously live a life of purpose.”

“Tim’s research and his own experiences will help you answer many questions you never think to ask yourself and … guide you to the purpose that you are truly passionate to pursue.”

“I discovered what had been subconsciously influencing my life in the past and the limiting beliefs that stemmed from my childhood. Best of all, I learnt how to identify and deal with them in order to begin to transform into the best version of myself.”


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