Get B Corp Certified

Simplify and fast-track your B Corp Certification journey with New Zealand’s first B Corp consultant and ‘business for good’ expert


We  specialise in helping teams just like yours to navigate the B Corp Impact Assessment so that they can maximise their score. We typically find this means you: 

    • have started the Assessment but have got overwhelmed or just run out of steam
    • haven’t started the Assessment but want to complete it as quickly and efficiently as possible
    • have completed the Assessment but want to check your work and make sure that they have answered all the questions correctly

The people we work with are capable and potentially able to do the Assessment but they have all said one or more of these things to me:

    • I’m not sure I’m answering all the questions properly
    • I don’t understand what some of the questions are asking me
    • I find it hard to make time to just sit down and go through the Assessment
    • I feel like I’m completing this in isolation and just want to have some confidence in what I’m doing
    • I don’t have time to think about let alone create all the policy documents I’ll need for the Certification
    • I want to connect with other people and businesses going through the journey

Essentially they all want someone who can help them get Certified more easily and quickly. Someone who will guide them step-by-step through the Certification process. Someone who will be there to help them until they’ve pressed submit and have the B Corp Certificate hanging proudly on their wall.


When it comes to navigating your B Corp Certification we reckon we can help you on that journey.

We are global experts in business for good, organisational purpose and creating impact led organisations and we regularly work with organisations in the US, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand on that. On top of that Tim the founder of Grow Good:

    • Is NZ’s 1st qualified B Consultant having successfully completed the training programme run by B Lab ANZ
    • Has been helping companies navigate B Corp Certification since 2017
    • Has helped over 50 companies through the BIA
    • Is one of the founding Kiwi B Corps (#6 in 2016)

That’s why we offer a consulting service to make the process as quick, engaging, fun and easy for you as possible, whilst at the same time bringing the B Corp assessment to life and engaging your entire team.

So, if you have started but had the process stall, or just want some help from day 1, we’ll be able to help you.

Book us to guide you through the process and over 4 hours of coaching and consulting we’ll get you as close to the 80/200 pass mark for you to go on and get your certification verified by the standards team. It’s like you need to take an exam and we’ve taken that exam multiple times and have the answer sheet for many of the questions!

Please note that whilst we can work with you to get your assessment completed in 4 hours, the full Certification process itself will take longer than that. This is particularly the case if you need to make significant changes to your organisation or operations or if there are elements of size and complexity to your organisation.

If you are not sure if B Corp Certification is for you or if you are a passionate B Corp supporter wanting to introduce the framework to your organisation we can also help you “sell” the idea to internal stakeholders.

So let’s help you become the business that the planet needs you to be right now and have you be a part of something amazing! How do we do that? See below.


  • B Better Is Our B Corp Certification Programme To Help You Fast Track And Simplify Your B Corp Certification

    This Is What You Get When You Work With Us

  • A 60-minute interactive and energising kick-off workshop to educate your entire team on the journey ahead
  • On demand support from the Grow Good team right up until you get Certified
  • Expert assistance to navigate the BIA delivered by global experts in the B Corp Certification
  • Specific advice on how to answer the questions to maximise your points
  • Advice around the potential for unlocking the golden eggs of Impact Business Model points
  • Advice around impact improvement by identifying quick wins vs long term initiatives
  • Access to resources and documents to speed up the process saving you as much as 20 hours of your time and energy googling and writing documents, including a constitution that meets the new legal requirement worth over $2k alone.
  • Access to the exclusive B Better 100 Community. Connect with others going on the B Corp journey, get mini-trainings and exclusive partner offers ($100s worth of discount codes) as well as in-person social and educational events
  • Introductions and connections to the extensive Grow Good network – for example we recently helped one of our clients secure a sponsor for their podcast

What Investment is required?

Our service offering starts from as little as $1850 ex GST. We are transparent about our fee structure and operate a sliding scale that is dependent on your organisation’s size, complexity and revenue.

Other than the financial commitment you just need to bring a curious mind, a small amount of time and a bundle of energy.

What are the key elements to our programme?


You’ll start the programme with a 60-minute interactive and energising kick-off workshop to educate your and your entire team on the journey that lies ahead.

1:1 Assistance

To navigate the BIA. Over 4 hours of coaching we’ll get you as close to the 80/200 pass mark for you to go on and get verified by the standards team.


Specific advice on how to answer the questions to maximise your points. Advice around impact improvement by identifying quick wins vs long term initiatives.


We will provide you and your team access to resources and documentation to help speed up the BIA process.


Membership to the exclusive B Better 100 Community to share ideas, collaborate and connect with other epic businesses.

B Better 100 Awards

You receive entry into our B Better 100 Awards where we celebrate the impact of the community.

How is the programme delivered?

The program is a proven methodology that we use with all my clients for outstanding results. It includes everything you need to successfully reach the 80/200 points requirement for B Corp Certification because it is:
    • Structured –  We have a clear structure to navigate the Assessment
    • Efficient – We can typically get you through all the questions within 4 – 6 hour
    • Effective – You won’t have to waste time starting many crucial documents from scratch
    • Focused – Breaking down the Assessment into bitesize chunks we keep you focused on what you need to do right now
    • Accountable  – By working with us we’ll make sure you get the work done that needs to be done

The programme for B Corp Certification assistance can typically be completed over 4 – 6 60 minute sessions spread over the same number of weeks.

Here’s how we work together in the program:

    1. We start with the 60-minute kickoff session
    2. Then we have between 4 – 6 1:1 or cohort sessions, generally via Zoom, where we go through the B Impact Assessment with you question by question to help you maximise your points score
    3. This is supported by weekly group coaching sessions in our community for Q&A, ongoing support and accountability
    4. Access to the community group so you can connect with other amazing humans doing great things and share and inspire each other to do more good

We find that smaller companies get better results working in a cohort model, whilst complex businesses typically require more specific 1:1 advice.