Let’s Grow Good Together

Beyond B Corp Certification there is a range of other ways we can support you when it comes to training, coaching and consulting so that you can max out the good you can do.


Looking for some inspirational, motivational, memorable and impactful coaching or training?

My training and coaching style is seriously fun, energetic, impactful and is all built around you and your team learning some new ideas in a comfortable but memorable way.
I combine ancient ideas and philosophies with the latest modern research and deliver it in an approach that has been described as a hybrid of a game show in a concert in a training with sprinkles of bad dance moves and dad jokes thrown in for free…

Check out how I can help below and if you think we can do something epic together just click on the blue button that you can see around the site to schedule a free 30-minute call to start that journey

Some of the epic work we can do together

In Pursuit Of Purpose

Individual and team purpose coaching to get purpose fuelled performance going in life and work. 12 week 1:1 or group coaching for individuals and teams that want to tap into the superpower that is purpose fuelled performance.

Get Purpose At Work

Purpose is the ultimate limitless fuel source for you and your organisation. Get it at work in your organisation. Facilitated sessions for those who want to start the purpose journey but aren’t sure how to start or navigate it.

Impact Improvement

Already B Corp Certified and want to extend your purpose horizon to do even more good? Great well we have the perfect 90 minute team workshop to help you create a three year impact improvement plan.

Sales with Soul

Sales with soul is our sales training and coaching programme with emphasis on impact for mission-driven organisations. This 6-week, super-impactful sales training package, is perfect for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and teams that need to sell more, and to make more positive impact.

Emotional Culture Deck

Emotions drive behaviours that drive culture. The Emotional Culture Deck is a simple, powerful and flexible tool for creating face-to-face conversations about culture and leadership within any team. It will help you drive bottom-up change in your workplace.

Speaker | MC | Panelist

Looking for a motivational speaker ton of energy and inspiration for your next event? If you are looking for a dose of high energy for your next event then I could be your man. I’m also a regular panellist and guest on podcasts and other media events.


If you’d like some help becoming a businesses who aims to be best for the world, not just the best in the world, then just send us a message, text, or email.

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