In Pursuit of Purpose

Individual and team purpose training and coaching to get purpose fuelled performance going in life and work

Our Programme?

This  purpose training programme is aimed at senior leaders of organisations that want to transition their business to be a force for good, team members wanting to take purpose to the next level or those individuals that are seeking more meaning in life and pondering a career transition.

Over twelve weeks the programme is broken into three phases.

In phase 1 “KNOW” we get to understand who you are and why you are who you are.

Phase 2 “CONNECT” is about understanding who you could be and how you can best express your purpose.

Phase 3 “TRANSCEND” is all about you becoming who you could be, aligned to the deepest and truest version of you contributing to the highest level you can.

You’ll finish off by creating your own mini purpose project.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“I learned so much about things I’ve never thought about before, which has made me want to become a better person and actually “achieve” something I can be proud of in my life – a purpose to why I want to do things!”

“Tim was the key catalyst in my purpose journey and would be for anyone looking to seriously live a life of purpose.”

“Tim’s research and his own experiences will help you answer many questions you never think to ask yourself and … guide you to the purpose that you are truly passionate to pursue.”

“I discovered what had been subconsciously influencing my life in the past and the limiting beliefs that stemmed from my childhood. Best of all, I learnt how to identify and deal with them in order to begin to transform into the best version of myself.”


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