Impact Improvement

Review and extend your purpose horizon so you can plan on how to do more good.

Build on the good that you are already doing and go further​

We typically run this workshop with organisations that have completed the BIA (B Corp Impact Assessment) and have a deep understanding and connection to the good that they are already doing. It has been benchmarked.

This 90-minute interactive session is about you identifying what good you can build on but also how you can go about limiting the negative impacts that you are making.

The end goal is to help all organisations become fully regenerative so that everything they do causes zero harm.

Don’t just take my word for it…

“One of the things we did with Tim was his Purpose at Work workshops. They were incredible, but I found that the most challenging part. Defining purpose and really thinking about things on a more visionary level is a tricky, abstract thing to work a team through, but Tim did a wonderful job helping us navigate that.”


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