Aotearoa’s First Pet Business Certified As A B Corp!

Massive congrats to clients Laura Wilkinson and Steph Mearns from Gourmate Pet Treat Co. for not only Certifying as a B Corp but also for being Aotearoa’s first pet business to receive this global accreditation for responsible and ethical business.

Here’s what they had to say about it.

“B Corp certification is recognition of our commitment to the welfare of people, the planet, and our pets. We know that our business is not perfect, and the great thing about the B Corp framework is that it provides guidance on how to continue to improve. B Corp certification is a great way to show that we really are walking the talk when it comes to better business. And we know the dogs of the world love a walk”.

Don’t forget if you want to learn more about B Corp and if it could be the right thing for you, we have our free e-book as well as “The B Better Podcast” and our YouTube channel. Or, feel free to have a chat with us by booking a call here.

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