B Corp Certification and the importance of Governance

When we work with companies on their B Corp Certification the first section we cover is Governance.

And for most companies that normally means do you have a board or not and who gets to see your financial reports.

But for B Corps, Governance can and must mean more than that and that’s one of the things that really sets the B’s apart from the WannaB’s.

To Certify as a B Corp there is now a requirement for your organisation to update its corporate governing documents to include a purpose clause and a stakeholder clause.

This has always been one of the aims of the movement – the transition to “Stakeholder Capitalism”.

As we go through the B Corp Impact Assessment our clients will often ask “but who are our stakeholders?”.

Fundamentally it’s anyone or anything that your organisation has an impact on. At the highest level as a B Corp, you will be asked to consider the impact of your operations on employees, customers, community, suppliers and the environment.

And that’s why B Corp is better business.

Chapeau to Patagonia for once again leading the way as they give 100% ownership of their company to the one stakeholder we all need – the planet.


How do you know this isn’t greenwashing? Just look at their commitment over time — a 4x Certified B Corp since 2011 and one of the highest scoring B’s in the world…

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