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Looking for an engaging speaker with a ton of energy and inspiration for your next event? Check out the video below – it’s best with sound on.

If you’re looking for a dose of high energy for your next event then I could be your man.

As well as an experienced public speaker, I’m also a regular panellist and guest on podcasts and other media, and at events.


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Don’t just take my word for it…

“Thanks so much Tim!!! We had a team talk last night and all agreed that you have been the most fabulous MC we could’ve dreamed of! Thanks so much for being on this journey with us and keep in touch. You were INCREDIBLE!!”

“A huge thank you for your wonderfully inspiring talk at our conference on the weekend. It was exactly the right tone and provided some real inspiration for our trustees. The feedback has affirmed how much our team got out of your presentation and how we can apply the same principles to Trade Aid.”

“Tim, thank you very much for all your time, effort and energy. You were awesome! It was awesome working with you, even though it was crazy busy, it was a laugh working with you, so thanks!”

“Thanks again for the thought-provoking discussion and your incredible ability to positively engage your audience – they came in strangers and left as friends after reflecting and sharing on their personal purpose and the legacy they want to leave behind. We would love to have you as a speaker again!”

“Thank you so much! You made the night so much bigger and way more fun than I could have imagined.”

“It was an epic night!”​

“Thanks for being an awesome quiz master – made the night that much better!”

“Amazing presentation, powerful speaker! Tim used his own story and brought us all along by thinking about what matters on a personal level to be able to explain the bigger purpose, a world-level purpose! The most effective method I have ever seen in connecting to the speaker! My highlight: Be good for the world not just in the world!”

Event Attendee

“Inspiring. Engaging. Motivating. Tim is an inspiring speaker who makes great use of images and stories to engage the audience. This presentation is a must for organisations.”

Event Attendee

“Thanks again for this morning, it was awesome 😊”

Lucy Hitchings – Event Organiser

“His style is energetic, authentic and challenging. Your audience will be made to pause, ponder and consider and leave your event with a new sense of purpose”

“It was a great evening and really nice to meet. You have great energy that just carried through when you spoke.”


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