How the 7 dwarves of sales will kill your impact, purpose, mission, ethics, sustainable led business

“A survey of a thousand office workers by the workplace solutions provider OfficeMax has found two thirds (67%) of the workforce say they will only work for a company that makes a positive impact.”

I’ve just about given up recording the stats on what % of employees are wanting to Get Purpose At Work…

It’s not surprising though, because purpose is something we ALL have a desire for.

It’s a human driver to know that what you are doing is contributing to something bigger than you.

That you are doing what you are meant to do.

It sounds kinda easy to work out but actually, it can become quite tricky to examine your own purpose.

And where to start?!

Well, I think the best place to start thinking about the contribution you are making is to understand and measure it.

By taking the B Corp Impact Assessment.

To get a benchmark of what good you are doing and also an understanding of where you need to Grow Good.

Then you can look to extend your purpose horizon by going on the organisational and individual purpose journey as a team.

If that’s what your employees are wanting right now, we should chat.

Oh, and you can check out how we did all of that for the amazing humans at Jeuneora over here.

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