I have a theory

For us to precipitate the change that we all want to see in the world we have to make business as usual realise that they have to be more like us.

They need to have more soul, they need to have purpose.

And the best way to do that?

Is to take customers and revenue from them. Hit em in the only place they currently understand.

Make them sit up and wonder what you are doing that means people don’t want to spend with them.

After all, we are living in a time when more people want to support the brands and businesses that are doing the right thing.

More people are looking to support organisations built to do good.

But it’s not a given that you’re going to get the business just because you are a bunch of good ********.

Kevin Costner, I’m sorry bro but you were wrong. Just because you built it doesn’t mean that they’ll come.

It’s gonna be more Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday – one inch at a time.

Neither of us wants your Field of Dreams to crumble into nothing.

So what do we do?

There are two parts to the sales challenge purpose and skill.