Jamie Cashmore, Founder of B Corp twiice on Balancing Purpose & Profit In A Family Run Start-up

In 2016, Jamie Cashmore had an idea at the beach. 

“What if we could make an edible cup that tasted nice and was completely functional?”.

And now he’s making them.

Handmade in New Zealand in small batches, the twiice edible cup is no-waste and no dishes. And even better you won’t find anything artificial in it either — they only use real ingredients, free from additives and preservatives, so it’s not just edible — it’s delicious!

Running a family business that’s a start-up with a young family AND trying to balance making a profit whilst solving a major environmental challenge – how hard can it be?!

Well, tune in to find out. 

In this episode of “The B Better Podcast,” we talk to Jamie about how he came up with the idea, the challenges of running a purpose-driven start-up with family members, how and why he chose to Certify as a B Corp and much more.

Jamie is just an awesome fella doing great things. This conversation will definitely get you thinking about doing more good in your business!

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