Jeuneora NZ’s latest B Corp!

They did it!

Huge congratulations to Monique Kaminski, Collen (Itterman) and the rest of the team at Jeuneora for being NZ’s latest B Corp.

From the very start, Mon’s been committed to doing the right thing in the business, so when she heard about the B Corp movement and its commitment to business as a force for good, it seemed like a natural next step for Jeuneora to take.

We have helped lots of companies with their B Corp but Jeuneora was one that really stood out for how they also got the team along for the ride.

When we go through the B Impact Assessment with clients it’s typically a small team out of the company that gets involved, but not here, where we had the entire company helping out!

To have an entire team attend every B Corp session is exceptional. Normally I work with the senior leader and a few managers. 

But Jeuneora had this incredible whole company buy-in and a mandate from their leader that this process was valuable enough for the team to invest their time. I think that made the entire process way more meaningful for all involved.

As Mon said, “That buy-in from the whole team was really cool. I thought, wow, everyone really cares about the business and was able to see how what they do contributes to the bigger picture. It was good to show people what goes into the business. There are touch points that everyone can see, but there are also a lot of things that go on in the background. It was a super cool process.”

If you want you can read more about the journey we took Jeunora on you can do that over here.

And don’t forget if you want to learn more about B Corp and if it could be the right thing for you we have our free e-book as well as “The B Better Podcast” and our YouTube channel. Or feel free to have a chat with us by booking a call here.