Oh no sorry, it’s a different kinda B!

Oh no sorry, it’s a different kinda B!

There appeared to be some confusion around B’s but nonetheless, it was a great night MCing the Apiculture New Zealand annual conference gala dinner recently.

Beekeeping is quite a big thing here (over 760,000 bee hives making over 20000 tonnes in 2021) and it was really interesting to learn more about the work ApiNZ does and also how it is quite a young organisation.

There’s a really clear link between the environment and what we make out of it like honey and it was inspiring to hear how many of the award winners were focused on positive environmental impact.

Currently, Manukora is the only Certified B Corp honey company in Aotearoa so perhaps there’s an opportunity for some more B bees in the future.

It was also my first time in Te Pae and it’s an absolutely amazing venue – I’m not sure my pictures really do it justice!

Thanks also to Matt Coppen for providing the tooons on the night. 

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