OrbViz & Grow Good create world-first B Corp interactive impact report!

If you didn’t already know we use this thing called B Corp to measure our social and environmental impact.

Up until now, we have told our impact story by just highlighting some of the things that we do.

But not anymore!

We are super stoked to announce that we have been working with Karim Sabet from Orbviz to create this world-first interactive B Corp impact interactive impact report which enables us to tell our impact story in a better way. 

Click here to have a look around it 👉🏽 https://growgood-bcorp-impact-report.orbviz.com/public/root 

OrbViz is a local Christchurch company all about transforming boring data and reports into an easy-to-understand, highly interactive digital experience that’s intuitive, engaging and easy for everyone to connect with. 

This means that they help organisations like ours to better communicate in a real and grounded way that delivers game-changing transparency,  trust and engagement and helps tell a story the easy way. 

Ultimately they help you create reports people can actually read 🤓

Orbviz is amazing. Try it!

If you are a B Corp or aspiring B Corp then you should totally check this out.

Please be aware that it’s best viewed on a laptop, PC or iPad screen, unfortunately, the bubbles don’t show on mobile view, just yet.

And don’t forget if you want to learn more about B Corp and if it could be the right thing for you we have:

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