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This is about walking our talk. As a B Corp business ourselves, we want to improve our own impact year on year.

The Grow Good Impact Report

Like the vast majority of businesses in Aotearoa New Zealand, Grow Good is a small business with a small team. But being small doesn’t mean we can’t have a significant positive influence and impact.

Like all B Corp businesses, we are committed to being transparent about our own impact as a company on all our stakeholders – our community, our planet and the other species we share it with, our clients, our workers, and our customers.

To that end, we are happy to publicly share our impact report. Please click this link to access.

Are you ready to B Corp?

The world is undergoing a massive shift towards a decarbonised economy.

This shift has begun and it will quickly pick up pace in the next couple of years as a raft of new legislation and global regulation comes into force. These changes are driven by the climate crisis and international efforts to limit global warming.

The way we live, work, travel, play and do business will be impacted. Everything has to change and there are massive opportunities for the businesses that see the writing on the sustainability wall and transition their businesses accordingly.

Not sure how to do this for your business? That’s where B Corp certification comes in. The B Corp process provides the roadmap for being a business that will thrive in the coming years.

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“I learned so much about things I’ve never thought about before, which has made me want to become a better person and actually “achieve” something I can be proud of in my life – a purpose to why I want to do things!”

“Tim was the key catalyst in my purpose journey and would be for anyone looking to seriously live a life of purpose.”

“Tim’s research and his own experiences will help you answer many questions you never think to ask yourself and … guide you to the purpose that you are truly passionate to pursue.”

“I discovered what had been subconsciously influencing my life in the past and the limiting beliefs that stemmed from my childhood. Best of all, I learnt how to identify and deal with them in order to begin to transform into the best version of myself.”


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