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Bolly’s a B Corp, darling

Patsy and Edina’s favourite tipple is now a B Corp, darling.

That’s right Sweetie, Bollinger is the latest bottle of posh bubbly vino to get certified as a B Corp business. Which gives us all cause to utter those immortal words from Ab Fab’s Patsy, ‘crack open the Bolly, darling’. Followed quickly by ‘top up, darling?’ ‘Just a smidge…’

Although, to be fair, Patsy probably wouldn’t care that La Maison Bollinger has formalised its ongoing commitment to its land, its people and its roots. Her only concern would be that they keep making the stuff. 

She doesn’t have anything to worry about there. Now with B Corp certification under its belt, Bollinger has cemented its intention to stay in business by shifting to a model that values planet and people, as much as profit. Champagne Bollinger is the second Champagne business to get its B Corp certification. The achievement sees it join Piper-Heidsieck, Charles Heidsieck and Rare Champagne, all part of EPI Group, as B Corp-certified companies.

So what’s B Corp? It’s essentially a third-party, independent verification of a company’s social and environmental performance. It’s also a global movement that’s working to transform the world’s economy by building a community of businesses that are committed to being a force for good.

What does that look like for La Maison Bollinger? It means formally committing to creating a better future for its employees, for the Earth and for its local ecosystem. More specifically, it means ensuring the wellbeing of its workers, reducing the company’s carbon footprint, preserving vineyard biodiversity, developing a circular economy, and more.

To that we say, cheers, sweetie darling.


Become a B Corp

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Yours in purpose,

Kia kaha,