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The NZ B Corp Christmas Gift Guide 2022

We know that people like you, who care about the planet, can be a little conflicted at Christmas. On one hand, we’re like, ‘no, don’t believe the consumerist hype!’ but on the other hand, we’re like, ‘where can I get Christmas pudding at this time of night…’

Here at Grow Good HQ we understand. We enjoy a pig-in-blanket as much as the next person but how can you enjoy Christmas while also not wrecking the planet or perpetuating modern slavery?

We’ve got one hashtag in answer to this burning question, which is:

With that in mind, we’ve created this guide to some awesome Aotearoa B Corp businesses who have some great gift offerings. Shop yourself silly!

To read or download your copy of the B Corp Xmas shopping guide, just click here

GG_Buy B Corp Xmas brochure

Remember, every time you spend your hard-earning wedge, you are ‘voting’ for the kind of world you want to create. Don’t vote for the baddies, vote for the businesses who are actively trying to do right for the world. We’ll say it again, #BuyBCorp

Merry Christmas one and all, and if you’re a B Corp that would like to be in our Christmas gift guide in 2023 or beyond, reach out to us at team@growgood.co

Are you Ready to B Better?

If you want to learn more about B Corp and if it could be the right thing for you we have:

➡️ Our free e-book “To B Or Not To B; The What, Why & How of B Corp” is the DEFINITIVE guide to B Corp – https://bit.ly/BCorpEBook

➡️ This story about how we helped the amazing humans at Jeuneora get B Corp and get purpose at work – https://bit.ly/casestudyj

➡️ “The B Better Podcast” https://bit.ly/BeBPod where we talk to B Corps about their journey to B Corp & Beyond and our YouTube channel https://bit.ly/GGCoYoTu for more B Corp-related content

➡️ Feeling like you’re ready to B Better and want to see if we can help? Well then let’s have a chat! Book a call here – https://bit.ly/BookGGCall

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