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Being a B Corp means other brands want to work with you

Becoming a B Corp reaps a host of benefits, one of these is how it makes you more attractive to other organisations, which brings you more business and wins you more tenders, bids and contracts. We call it the double whammy ROI of B Corp.

In brief, businesses are scrambling to meet the raft of new legislation and regulations, to conditions being implemented by governments, local councils, investors, institutions, etc. From cities with Clean Air Zones to climate change levies, polluter taxes, mandated emissions reporting, and a whole lot more. The business sector is no longer able to focus on making profit regardless of the impact on planet and people.

So organisations are looking to partner, hire, and buy from other businesses that have valid ESG credentials. It means they have an easier time of tracking their own emissions and showing visibility on their supply chain. We have a number of clients come to us about becoming a B Corp because they just lost a contract due to not being a B Corp.

Here are some examples of how being a B Corp won new business:

Around the world, organisations want to do business with credible ethical businesses for many reasons, e.g. healthier relationships through values-aligned partnerships, simpler emissions reporting, mutual growth benefits, as well as marketing opportunities.

That’s where B Corp Certification comes in. As an independently verified certification, it’s the gold standard and gives credibility to ethical claims.

It offers other organisations an easy way to spot a truly sustainable business from a greenwashing fake one that’s just saying the right things but not doing anything.

In summary, having the B Corp logo is a clear sign that your firm is committed to ethical practices. It gives your company an edge over non-certified competitors when you’re looking to win new business, which can only have a direct positive impact on profits.

Is your organisation ready to B Corp?

Certified B Corps are a new form of business that seeks to value people and planet while making as much profit as possible.

If you think B Corp might be for you, check out our free e-book “2B Or Not 2B: The What, Why & How Of B Corp Certification” here.