How the 7 dwarves of sales will kill your impact, purpose, mission, ethics, sustainable led business

Lemme guess…

Like 90% of people you’d rather poke hot needles in your eyes rather than pick up a phone and try selling?

Cos sales and selling is all just a bit vomity right?

No doubt when you hear the word sales it brings to mind the 7 dwarves of sales:

  1. Sleazy
  2. Creepy
  3. Shady
  4. Dodgy
  5. Pushy
  6. Scary
  7. Sordid

And that’s why you won’t make the impact you could make.

So, you might as well quit now, right?

Hellllll no!

Cos’ here’s the thing – you’re not your customer’s decision-maker.

How dare you decide that the people you could be serving don’t get to hear about your amazing offer, just because of your internal monologue!?

Ask yourself right now. What would happen if my potential world-saving concept doesn’t get out there?

Selling with purpose

But don’t be hard on yourself. It’s ok and natural to feel this way about sales and selling.

The main reason you feel that way is because most of the salespeople you have met in your life are s***e and that’s how you think you need to behave to close deals.

The other reason is that you just haven’t been shown what to do and how to do it in a manner that is soul-based, authentic and purpose fuelled.

Here’s the good news though – you don’t have to be like those s***e salespeople.

The even better news is that it’s frighteningly easy to be even mediocre at selling and do well because most of your competitors are s***e !

Imagine how great the impact you could make would be if you fully connected to your purpose fuelled performance?

If you were able to get your concept out to the people that will benefit from it and at the same time you earn what you need to thrive and make MORE impact than ever before.

If that’s you – I can help.

We got this.