The B Corp Moment?

It’s all Steve Ardagh’s fault.

Sometime back in 2014 I stumbled across this concept of B Corporations.

I’d recently had what’s called a subconscious awakening and had got to realising that working in a bullshit job for the rest of my life wasn’t for me.

But where to?

Well after some Googling around my awakening I stumbled down this rabbit hole of B Corp.

Business as a force for good.

Purpose and profit?

Ummm, tell me more…

Back then there were 2 B Corps in NZ and unfortunately for Steve he was the one nearest to me.

A 45-minute meeting morphed into a couple of hours of my mind being blown from discovering there was a better way to run a business.

Fast forward to today and I get to have my Raglan Coconut yoghurt with my Pukka Herbs tea and then get into the shower to use my Ethique body wash, now paid for by my recently B Corp certified Kiwibank.

We are part of a community of over 4000 businesses co-creating a better future.

Positive change takes time, cos if it was easy they’d all be doing it.

If you want to know more about the benefits of being a B and how to go about it I might know a guy…

Put a “B Corp me baby!” in the comments if you want a free copy of my e-book “To B or Not To B? The Case For B Corp Certification”.

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