The benefit of using a B Consultant

What does working with Grow Good look like?

When it comes to navigating your B Corp Certification we reckon we can help you on that journey; just like we helped some of these amazing humans:

“We’d flirted with B Corp about a year earlier and were overwhelmed by the volume of questions and language. We allowed BAU to distract us after that. Tim was just what we needed to get back on track!”

Wendy Alexander

“Tim’s motivated and can-do attitude balanced with being super relaxed and approachable. He made the whole thing exciting and fun rather than a daunting task.”

Bex McQueen
Heilala Vanilla

“Tim was a huge help to us in gaining our B Corp accreditation. He provided some good, practical advice on what we could expect throughout the accreditation process and some excellent tips on how to interpret and respond to some of the trickier areas. But most of all Tim gave us the confidence and inspiration to just get on and do it when we could have spent many more months talking about it. I’d highly recommend Tim to any organisation thinking about embarking on the B Corp journey.”​

Sarah Able
GM People & Culture, The Co-Operative Bank

We are global experts in business for good, organisational purpose and creating impact led organisations. 

Since 2016 when Grow Good Certified as B Corp #6 in New Zealand, we have been regularly working with organisations in the US, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand to do just that.

When it comes to B Corp Certification we definitely have you covered. Since we started we have helped over 60 companies through the B Corp Impact Assessment from small to large enterprises in a range of industries from agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, media and service-based businesses.

Tim, Founder and CEO of Grow Good is also New Zealand’s 1st qualified B Consultant. This means that he has successfully completed the training programme run by B Lab ANZ and maintains regular CPD to ensure he stays up to date with the latest changes and updates to the Impact Assessment. 

That’s why we are able to offer a consulting service to make the process of B Corp Certification as quick, engaging, fun and easy for you as possible, whilst at the same time bringing the B Corp assessment to life and engaging your entire team.

The program we run is a proven methodology that we use with all our clients for outstanding results. It includes everything you need to successfully reach the 80/100 points requirement for B Corp Certification because it is:

  • Structured –  We have a clear structure to navigate the Assessment
  • Efficient – We can typically get you through all the questions within 4 – 6 hours
  • Effective – You won’t have to waste time starting many crucial documents from scratch
  • Focused – Breaking down the Assessment into bitesize chunks we keep you focused on what you need to do right now
  • Accountable  – By working with us we’ll make sure you get the work done that needs to be done

But most of all, we make it engaging, exciting and inspirational for you and your entire team so that you really start to bake in the B across the business.

So, if you have started but had the process stall, or just want some support from day 1, we’ll be able to help you become the business that the planet needs you to be right now. 

Check out how we can help you here or book a call with us right now for a chat as to how we can get going right away.

Join the B Corp movement and be part of something amazing!