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B Better Virtual Summit ’24

It’s B Corp Month and as part of our commitment to the movement, Grow Good is excited to announce the free B Better Virtual Summit ’24 happening on 20 March NZT. The theme of B Corp Month this year is #ThisWayForward. Over a full day of interactive online workshops and expert panel events, we’ll discuss […]

Being a B Corp means other brands want to work with you

Becoming a B Corp reaps a host of benefits, one of these is how it makes you more attractive to other organisations, which brings you more business and wins you more tenders, bids and contracts. We call it the double whammy ROI of B Corp. In brief, businesses are scrambling to meet the raft of […]

Being a B Corp attracts investors

Becoming a B Corp reaps a host of benefits, one of these is greater access to investment capital, loans and growth funds. We call it the double whammy ROI of B Corp. According to B Lab UK, 70% of B Corps that seek equity finance end up raising the amount they want, compared with 56% […]

Being B Corp boosts sales

Becoming a B Corp reaps a host of benefits, one of these is boosted customer sales and brand loyalty. We call it the double whammy ROI of B Corp. Around the world, we’re seeing a tidal wave of consumers demanding to know more about the provenance of what they’re buying. From clothes to cars and […]

Being a B Corp attracts top talent and boosts retention

Becoming a B Corp reaps benefits that often take businesses by surprise, one of these is worker retention and recruitment. Basically, B Corps get first pick of the best talent, they retain existing staff longer, and staff are more engaged and productive. We call this the B Corp ROI double whammy. There are many other […]

How B Corps outperform other businesses

How do B Corps compare with other businesses? It’s a question we get asked a lot around here at Grow Good. But what people really want to know is, do B Corps make more money that ‘business as usual’ companies? The answer is, overall, that’s a big YES. Numerous studies have shown that B Corps […]

From profit to purpose – Tim’s aha moment

This is me in my former life. I spent 10 years in medical device sales. Yes, think of Netflix programmes like “The Pharmacist” and “Painkillers” but not as seedy. At least the products I sold were actually fixing people who had things actually wrong with them. Life was great. I had tons of money, a […]

Should you B Corp?

If you’re in business, chances are you’ve already heard about B Corp certification. If so, you’ve probably wondered whether it’s the right thing for your company. You’ll most likely be asking yourself, ‘How will I benefit?’ and ‘Where do I even begin?’ Excellent questions! Let’s first address how your business could benefit and then we’ll […]

Fashion to die for

I love Paul Polman and I don’t care who knows it. ‘Who’s he when he’s at home,’ you ask? Polman is the former CEO of Unilever who transitioned that mammoth brand from its ‘extractive business as usual’ model to a company that is now a role model for sustainable business. And guess what? In doing […]

Sustainability boosts sales by nine per cent

There is a mountain of surveys out there now that are telling businesses that if they up their game on sustainability, they will get more sales. The million-dollar question is, are the surveys correct? And it really is a million-dollar question. There’s a whole load of money at stake here (not to mention survival on […]