B Corp Milestone! 500 in Aotearoa NZ and Australia

In 2014, I was at the back end of an early midlife crisis and had taken a hard Brexit from the corporate world. I thought that there had to be a better way to do business.

There was.

It was called B Corp. And I was introduced to the movement by Steve Ardagh, CEO and founder at Eagle Protect NZ in Christchurch. His company certified as a B Corp in 2012 and is still going strong. A beacon for B Corps New Zealand.

B Corps are a new form of business that seeks to balance purpose and profit.

They consider the impact on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment rather than solely focusing on profit maximisation.

Business as a force for good

For many years, the same 5 or 6 B corps met each other as we all in our own way tried to spread the word in what felt like a desert of corporate purpose.

But now the tide has turned.

Momentum is gathering…

When you are in the thick of it you can’t appreciate the change.

How did the kid get to be that tall of a sudden!?

And so it’s great to see how this B Corp kid has grown as this week the B Corps community in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia hit the big 5-0-0!

As of this week, we have 91 Certified B Corporations in the Aotearoa whanau and 409 in Australia. Better yet, it’s growing fast with more forward-thinking companies coming on board every week.

At Grow Good, we’ve been talking to businesses about B Corp since 2014. About a year ago, we set out to find the next 100 companies that wanted to become B Corp Certified and we are pretty close to that (update coming soon).

It’s a privilege to support businesses to go B Corp and we are continually grateful to everyone who continues to embrace the hard mahi of doing what matters.

But this is the end of the beginning I feel…

Next stop? The Big 100 for Aotearoa NZ and 500 for Australia. We are so close we can almost taste it.

There’s much to celebrate but the sobering reality is that there is so much more to be getting on with and there’s no time to waste. The business sector simply has to be better, has to do better. At Grow Good, we’re on a mission to make Aotearoa NZ a B Corp beacon for the rest of the world.

Here’s to the next 500!

Maybe you could be one of them…

Are you Ready to B Better?

If you want to learn more about B Corp and if it could be the right thing for you we have:

➡️ Our free e-book “To B Or Not To B; The What, Why & How of B Corp” is the DEFINITIVE guide to B Corp – https://bit.ly/BCorpEBook

➡️ This story about how we helped the amazing humans at Jeuneora get B Corp and get purpose at work – https://bit.ly/casestudyj

➡️ “The B Better Podcast” https://bit.ly/BeBPod where we talk to B Corps about their journey to B Corp & Beyond and our YouTube channel https://bit.ly/GGCoYoTu for more B Corp-related content

➡️ Feeling like you’re ready to B Better and want to see if we can help? Well then let’s have a chat! Book a call here – https://bit.ly/BookGGCall

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