Wanna dip your toe in B Corp? Jump in a cohort pool party!

Here at Grow Good, we pretty much live and breathe B Corp. We help businesses become, and stay, B Corp certified. And generally speaking, the way we’ve always worked up until recently is on a one-on-one basis with clients of any size.

But one-to-one B Corp coaching doesn’t suit every business. If you’re a micro to small business, or a one-person sole trader, then your budget barely extends to buying anything other than no-frills instant coffee, never mind forking out for one-to-one coaching for B Corp certification.

So, even if you know you want to be a B Corp; even if you love the whole idea and fervently wish you could plaster that coveted B logo all over your branding materials but oh my goodness, who has the time to figure it out by yourself?! Who has the energy to keep your business running while making sure the dog gets walked, the kids get to school, there’s milk in the fridge, the lawns mowed, laundry hung out… and all the other myriad things that life demands we do… (if you’re answering work emails at 11pm, this is you). How on earth are you going to add getting B Corp into that mix?

Yeah, we get it. You’re not a company like Kathmandu or a Unilever, you don’t have a team of people to delegate this stuff to. It’s you. You’re it. If you’re going to be a B Corp business, it’s you who needs to do the mahi.

We have a solution. It’s called B Better Budget and it’s a cohort model for getting B Corp that’s aimed specifically at micro to small businesses. It’s basically group coaching.

We’ve just launched this service and our first cohort is now half-way through the five-week process. It sold out within four days of our announcing it and we’ve already got half of the next one filled up even though it doesn’t start till next month. So we figure there must be a need for this service. Our hope is to start a new cohort every month.

And from our point of view, the more companies we can get to B Corp certification, the quicker we all move the needle towards the ultimate goal of transforming economies to ones that drive social justice and regenerate, rather than degrade, the planet. It’s about driving bigger positive impact.

The benefits of the B Better Budget cohort are:

  1. It’s WAY cheaper than 1:1 coaching – (and many NZ businesses qualify for funding that can get up to 50 per cent of the cost subsidised – ask us about that)
  2. It’s more fun. Doing it in a group of like-minded entrepreneurs means making friends, sharing experiences, and bouncing ideas off each other.
  3. It’s more inspiring: There is nothing like hearing what other companies are doing to tackle certain challenges than to get you fire up about improving your own impact.
  4. It creates community: We’re all in this together and it’s more empowering to solve our biggest challenges together.

The benefits of being a B Corp are:

  1. B Corps are more resilient and they attract and keep the best talent
  2. B Corps are more profitable than ‘business as usual’ models
  3. B Corps are primed and ready for the huge changes sweeping the globe, like mandatory emissions reporting, and supply chain transparency

So. If you want to be a business that’s a force for good in the world, be a B Corp. If you just want to make more money, be a B Corp. #nobrainer

For more information on our B Better Budget cohort, download the information pack here. Or ping me any questions at tamara@growgood.co, or just book in a free discovery call.


Kia kaha




Are you Ready to B Better?

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Don’t wait to be a better business, get on with it now. The planet depends on it.

Here at Grow Good, it’s our job to help businesses become B Corp certified. Because the process can be confusing and daunting. We translate it, break it down, offer resources to make it as manageable as possible. If your business is ready to go B Corp, give us a shout or book in a discovery call.